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Invested. Effective. Courageous. Together.

We need women. Now more than ever.

 Invested. My husband and I moved to Minneapolis 28 years ago to attend graduate school at the University of Minnesota and have never looked back. We’ve flourished professionally and personally, raised two teenage boys, bought a house and a car, and spend our free time volunteering in the community. We’ve invested our lives here.

Effective. I’ve had opportunities professionally to apply my training in science and law to create parks, advocate to protect healthy environments, and connect people with the Mississippi River. I served as a Humphrey Public Policy fellow, and have spent significant time studying the inequities within my community. I’ve worked tirelessly to organize neighborhoods, donors and state legislators to complete projects that improve people's lives.

Courageous. We’ve also faced the challenges many families experience—overcoming childhood traumas, supporting family members with special needs, and finding affordable health care.

Despite these hurdles, I know that I inherently benefit from certain kinds of privileges—I’m white, grew up in an educated family, hold two degrees, and have financial stability. And I know too many people in our community and statewide who are negatively impacted by the very privileges I possess.

Together. If elected to serve you at the State Capitol, I will work tirelessly to ensure everyone benefits from the same opportunities, experiences, and security my family and I have.

Every person who puts roots down in our community deserves the opportunity to grow to his or her fullest potential and thrive—regardless of race, religion, orientation, income, language and more. I moved here, invested my life here, and choose to stay for that reason.

I’m a coalition builder by nature. My jobs and community leadership have required coordinating, recruiting and retaining diverse stakeholders coalesced around a common goal.

Today women make up less than a third of our state legislature.  We can all agree there aren’t enough female leaders in the Capitol. This area has been represented by a progressive woman since 1973. Why stop now?

Both Ilhan Omar and Phyllis Kahn are leaving big shoes to fill. I admire their abilities to fight for women’s rights and a healthy environment, bring inter-sectional voices into the conversation, and truly represent our district and state.

I strive to serve by working with and for our community year-round.  I strive to be accessible and responsive, and work towards equity in all areas of life.

I believe in co-governance. The people whom a policy affects must be at the table helping shape the policy. We need to prioritize resources in areas where the need is greatest, and measure our progress. And we need to build coalitions to enact those policies.

We are one of the safest Democratic districts in the state. We deserve a legislative powerhouse. We deserve a coalition builder. We deserve an effective, responsive, courageous representative.

That’s why I’m running for the State House in District 60B—for you, for me, for our children, for generations to come. With your help, we can win.

I encourage you to vote in the DFL Primary Tuesday, August 14. Find the information you need on our Voter Information web page.

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